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Wallpaper Removal and Installation

Our understanding is that you want a wallpaper removed. And perhaps, a new wallpaper installed. Assuming you want wallpaper removal and installation in Markham, Ontario, our company is at your service.

We are also at the service of Markham residents who want one or more wallpapers removed and then, the walls painted. The whole point is to have the wallpaper taken down without causing wall damage and without taking all week to do so. No wonder you need our team.

At Markham Painting Service, we have vast experience with such projects. Naturally, we have the experience to serve those who need the wall refinished and those who need wallpaper installation too. Should we provide you with more pieces of useful information?

Do you need wallpaper removal & installation in Markham?

Wallpaper Removal and Installation Markham

Something tells us that you want the whole package. That’s wallpaper removal and installation. Markham experts are at your disposal. Be sure. Just contact our team to say what you want and discuss details about the job.

Do the same if you want wallpaper removal but then the wall painted. Once again, we are ready to serve and send pros to do the job whenever it’s suitable for you.

The common denominator in such projects is the removal of wallpaper. So, let’s say a thing or two about this part of the job. Shall we?

Wallpaper removal is often needed when the motif becomes dated. Or, the wallpaper becomes outdated. It’s often mandatory due to leakage that has destroyed the wallpaper and possibly the drywall behind it. Then again, some people get tired of looking at the same motif. Or, just don’t like wallpapers anymore. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is that the pros come out prepared to remove wallpaper despite the wallpaper’s material – paper, fabric, etc. – and despite its condition. With the necessary experience and tools, they remove wallpapers inch by inch until the whole thing comes down.

Now that the wallpaper is removed, do you want wallpaper installation?

It seems that other than searching for pros to remove your wallpaper you also seek an expert wallpaper installer. As we said, our team is the right choice for both jobs. Once again, no matter what material you choose, the wallpaper is perfectly installed.

Before the wallpaper’s installation, the pros prep the wall. Now that the old wallpaper is removed, there are certainly some imperfections to fix and fill here and there. Even if there was no wallpaper on this wall, there would still be some dents and holes. All such flaws are first fixed. The pros create a level surface that is also cleaned, sanded, and primed. And so, with the wall perfected, the wallpaper is flawlessly installed.

Unless you want the wall painted

Of course, if you don’t want a new wallpaper installed, the wall is painted once it’s prepped and primed. If this is what you want, we talk about wall colors beforehand and so the Markham painters come prepared for the job. So, is that what you want? Or, wallpaper removal and installation in Markham? Tell us.