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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Are you thinking of refreshing the color of your kitchen cabinets? Well, if you want to book kitchen cabinet painting in Markham, Ontario, you are in the perfect place. Our company is available for such jobs and has years of experience in the painting industry. Whether you’ve got vinyl or wooden cabinets and whether you want the cabinets painted or stained, you can be certain of both our experience and availability. Message Markham Painting Service about your plans and let’s talk about your project.

For kitchen cabinet painting, Markham homeowners can count on us

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Markham

Tell us if it’s now the time to request a quotation for kitchen cabinet painting. Markham contractors are usually appointed to check the cabinets and provide both color and finishing paint solutions along with a free estimate. The cost is reasonable, yet not always the same since it depends on the size and number of cabinets, the overall job, the painting technique.

Make a note that the cabinet painting service may involve just the doors or the whole cabinetry. We only assume that you want all cabinets painted – those found over and under the counter, individual cabinets, and those on the kitchen island. 

The cabinets can be painted – with a brush, roll, or spray, any method – but they can also be stained. If the cabinets are painted already, don’t worry. The color can be refreshed or changed – whatever you want. If the paint is peeling, it is scraped off first and once the cabinets are sanded, they are repainted. So, if you are wondering, yes, we are available for cabinet repainting too.

Kitchen cabinets are prepped and finished in the best way

Whether this is a kitchen cabinet painting or cabinet refinishing job, the pros start by addressing the blemishes. Dents, cracks, and other flaws are tackled in the best possible way before the cabinets are sanded as required to become as smooth as they must be for the primer and finishing paint.

It goes without saying that the painters do the job in a neat manner – remove the cabinets and hardware, cover the area, fix imperfections, prep the surface, prime and finish as needed, and put the cabinets back.

Is there crown molding above the cabinets and you want it painted too? Don’t you worry about such things. We are a professional painting company. Anything you want painted in the home, you can count on us. It’s true though that some customers choose to have the trims, door, and walls painted along with the cabinets. Of course, you can simply contact us for the painting of the cabinet doors.

Change the looks of your kitchen without spending much. Call for cabinet painting

Painting the kitchen cabinets is the best way to spruce up the room without spending much. If the cabinets are not ruined and their flaws can be fixed, why replace them? If the cabinets are all right and you don’t want to change the kitchen layout, why go through the expense when you can change the looks of the kitchen just by painting the cabinets? And don’t forget that properly painted cabinets are well protected from the steam that lives and thrives in the kitchen. So, if you are considering finding Markham kitchen cabinet painting pros, talk to us.