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We take pride in being the home painters, Markham residents can completely trust with any local project. Want the entire house painted? Only the interior? Just the exterior? Does this project of yours only involve the refinishing of the kitchen cabinets? And are we talking about an apartment, a family home, a condo? Whatever your case, don’t fret. At Markham Painting Service, we cover all residential needs. Most importantly, we do so with the utmost professionalism. Isn’t that what you expect from the best painters in Markham?

The home painters Markham residents can count on for all jobs

Home Painters Markham

You will be pleased to know that every time you are in need of home painters in Markham, Ontario, our company will be ready to serve. You can count on us for interior and exterior house painting – for big and small projects. Naturally, the services go beyond painting walls and ceilings. They always include all sorts of repairs – plus, tasks to meet your décor needs and expectations. These would be the removal but also the installation of wallpaper. Or the installation of other accent walls, like stone. You may turn to us for popcorn ceiling removal and be sure that the job is done in a safe and proper manner, and the ceiling is properly fixed and finished. All appointed Markham painters do what they must in a professional manner.

All home painting jobs involve a preparatory phase

The repairs included in a home painting service vary depending on the condition of the surface, the material, and whether this is an exterior or interior job. To get an idea of what the painters do at the very start, check out the following list.

  •          Deck repair
  •          Fence repair
  •          Window caulking
  •          Drywall repair
  •          Wallpaper removal
  •          Sanding & scraping

The idea is to address all blemishes on drywall, stucco, wood, metal to make the surface smooth and so to make certain that the paints will adhere well and last for long. No wonder all painters focus on fixing and smoothening all surfaces and the home painting contractor appointed to the job makes sure everything is done to perfection.

Are you looking for a home painter Markham-located for a small job? Or, is this a rather large project that will include both the interior and the exterior of your home? It doesn’t matter. Whatever you want, entrust it to us. Not only do we cover all needs, but always do so in the best way. That’s the very reason why we are the house painters Markham homeowners trust for years and with all jobs.

The Markham painters to rely on for interior & exterior jobs

It takes truly committed home painters, Markham customers must know, to really focus on addressing all imperfections on walls, ceilings – all surfaces to deliver the best results. It takes masters of the trade to fix blemishes with no delay and ensure long lasting results. It takes a devoted team of pros to be sure the paints are ideal for the interior or exterior and that all steps necessary for an excellent outcome are taken, from the very start. If that’s your idea of good work too and don’t want anything less than an honest team of truly top Markham home painters, simply talk to us.