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Fence Painting

Are you considering painting your fence? If you want to entrust the job to pros and need to book fence painting in Markham, Ontario, choose our team. We are ready to provide a free estimate for the painting service and suggest color ideas and finishing solutions without any charge or obligation.

If you decide to put your trust in the hands of our team, here at Markham Painting Service, be sure of the fantastic results. Be certain of the way the entire service is carried out. Let us give you an idea.

Learn more about fence painting in Markham

Fence Painting Markham

It all starts with you telling us that you are interested in scheduling fence painting in a Markham residence. As we said, you discuss the project with a local painting contractor and get a consultation, answers to your questions, and an estimate free of any obligation and charge. If you agree to work with us, we get into details and set the date for the painting service.

Painting a fence – prepping first

Let’s talk about the fence painting service now. As with all other painting projects, fences are first prepped. After all, the elements take a toll on all surfaces. In spite of the fence’s material, there is probably a fair share of dents and flaws all over the surface. Some sections of wooden fences may also be warped. To make a long story short, fences are first fixed. Their imperfections are addressed. The fence is cleaned and sanded. To be specific, the pros prep fences based on the material’s requirements. Wood, metal, composite – all materials are special and need different prepping. They also need suitable paint coatings. Have no worries about all that. With an experienced fence painter on the job, you shouldn’t worry about anything.

As expert Markham painters, all pros are familiar with all materials. If we are talking about wood fence painting, they are experienced with all timbers. They follow the right steps to prep the fence and finish it as required and as requested by you.

Have your fence finished to your full satisfaction

There’s more than one way to finish a fence. And whatever your personal fence finishing requirements, you can count on our knowledge and expertise.

  •          Fences are usually painted. That’s an excellent option if you want to color your exterior environment and, at the same time, protect the fence from the elements. We talk about color choices and finish options from the start.
  •          Fences can also be stained. The product may be transparent, tinted, or semi-transparent. With fence staining, the color doesn’t change dramatically. But it’s an excellent method to seal the fence and thus, prolong its lifespan.
  •          Painted fences whose color is not to your liking or whose paint is peeling can be repainted. The fence is scraped and sanded as needed and then, it’s primed and repainted as requested.

From prepping to painting fences, all phases of the project are performed with the professionalism you expect from committed pros. Should we talk about your Markham fence painting project? Contact us.