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Exterior House Painting

Want to be sure your exterior house painting in Markham, Ontario, is completed to your full satisfaction and the customer service is impeccable from day one? Choose our team. Painting the house exterior is a big job, especially if the size of the residence is large, the building is high, and the surfaces are dated. And since this is not a project you plan often, it’s best if it’s done correctly the first time. Right? For all such and other plenty of good reasons, Markham Painting Service is an excellent choice for the job.

Details about the exterior house painting Markham jobs

Exterior House Painting Markham

Should we tell you more about the Markham exterior house painting services? Naturally, the job may involve the entire house exterior. Since this project is seldom done, most of our customers choose to book a full painting job. This would involve all sections of the exterior. Then again, you may tell us what parts you want to be painted – the doors, for instance. The deck and the fence would also be excellent examples. And so, this may be a small one-exterior-house-painter job or a large-scale job.

In either case, you can be sure that the exterior painting starts off on the right foot and is completed to perfection. Let us explain how all this is done.

Get a free estimate for your exterior painting service

Even a small job, one that would involve one exterior painter – like fence painting, for example, is properly done from the very beginning to the very end. To give you an idea, it all starts with you reaching our team to request a quotation. It’s free and with no obligation and it’s also your chance to learn how is all done, the process, the timeframes, the paint options, the best colors for your property, et cetera et cetera. Assuming this is all done and you agree to give the job to us, come service day, the pros show up as scheduled and fully prepared to prep the area. They don’t only cover the surroundings to protect your pathways, plants, and furniture, but also prep the surfaces.

Exterior painters at your disposal for any service

Let’s say that you need a home painter to finish the deck or the doors. The first priority is to address dents and flaws – anything that would compromise the material’s strengths or the paint’s beauty. And so, all jobs begin with the preparatory stage. Imperfections are fixed. The surfaces are perfected so that the paints will adhere to last. And so, if you wonder what’s usually involved in an exterior painting service, consider all the above – the prep work too.

  •          Complete exterior painting service
  •          Power washing, addressing flaws, scraping
  •          Sanding, fixing decks, caulking doors and windows
  •          Deck and fence painting
  •          Siding, fascia, stucco, wood, brick painting
  •          Doors, windows, trims, railing painting
  •          Garage door painting

Whether you want to book one of these jobs or a full exterior house painting, our team is at your service. And that’s important. What’s even more important is that the surfaces are thoroughly and correctly prepped and finished, based on the material. Equally vital is that the paints are designed for exterior applications and so they are ideal for high resistant surfaces. With us, the job is done correctly, no matter how small or big the project. And don’t forget that you can get a free quotation with no obligation. So, what’s the point of waiting and not reaching out to our team to get an estimate for your exterior house painting in Markham?