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We are the company to trust with crown molding and trim painting in Markham, Ontario. Why us, you may ask? Because we have experience in painting trims of all styles, materials, and types. And we are also known for our commitment to focusing on details that ensure a job is done correctly, from the start to the end. What’s equally important is that you don’t pay a fortune to have the baseboards, the casings, and the crown molding painted. In short, with Markham Painting Service, the job is carried out to perfection and the cost is right. Plus, you can easily reach us to book a free estimate along with consultation.

In Markham, crown molding and trim painting

Crown Molding & Trim Painting Markham

Since you are likely looking for crown molding and trim painting Markham experts, reach our team. After all, you can learn the cost of the service and all things about the needed job without paying and without having any obligation whatsoever.

With that said, let’s move on to talk about the service. It may involve crown molding painting. Baseboard painting. Door casing painting. You get the picture. You can book a painting job for the trimwork in your home – all of them or some of them. And you can also make combinations, like having the casing painted along with the doors. Or the chair rail painted along with the wainscoting panels. Trims come out in different forms, shapes, and motifs. And whether we are talking about an intricate crown molding profile or plain baseboards, they are painted to a T.

What do you need, baseboard painting? Crown molding painting?

Painting trims demands knowledge of different materials and full dedication to details. Trims are not called architectural details by accident. They are usually narrow and their profile is often embellished for a bold statement. And so, it takes an experienced painter to thoroughly and properly prep trims and paint them in order to stand out and impress.

We like to assure you that the Markham painters assigned to finish trims prepare the area meticulously. Also, they have the skills to fix and sand different types and materials of trims correctly before they paint them.

All crowns and trims are painted perfectly

It’s not accidental that a painting contractor comes to meet you when you express an interest in having the trims finished. We like to know what you like and what you have in mind but also check the trims and the crowns and see what’s required to offer an estimate and proper consultation. Do you want the trims to be colored differently to stand out? Want the trims painted the same color as the walls and doors? Would you like to paint the kitchen crown molding along with the cupboards? Is your intention to have the baseboards and the crowns painted? Share your thoughts with us. Contact our team to request a free estimate. Trust us with the Markham crown molding and trim painting to get fantastic results.